Greg and Gail Davis

Through God’s blessings and our good fortunes, we passionately support The Teepe Family Foundation in their focused effort to bring Christ’s love and Christmas to those living right here in our community who need it the most.

Steve and Leanne Berke

At Operation Give Back, our mission is to strive for educational equity and provide community outreach to students and families in need, inspiring all to realize their full potential and GIVE BACK to society.

The Teepe Family Foundation is pleased to have Steve and Leanne Berke as a 2019 Giving Tree Angel Sponsor. Along with raising money to support this year’s Giving tree Campaign, your support will also benefit the Operation Giveback Foundation and the Teepe Family Foundation endowment.

Join them by making a donation to their special charity and giving trees. Each tree is decorated with $400 of local gift cards and then delivered to a family in need in the Cincinnati area. The families are identified by St. Vincent dePaul and are clients of the organization. 

Please join Steve and Leanne and our other giving tree Angel sponsors on Sunday, December 8, 2019, from 1:30-4:00 PM at Receptions Conference Center in Fairfield, Ohio for Live Music, drinks, appetizers and assembling of the trees.

The holidays can be challenging for these families, and the Giving Tree is designed to provide them with the means to purchase holiday meals and gifts to enjoy and celebrate the season.

Sponsor a Tree – Steve and Leanne Berke

Learn More About the Giving Tree

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